On May 7, we held the NJ Chapter Meeting of GISTers at the LRG Office in Wayne, NJ. It was a great gathering of patients, caregivers, LRG staff members and our guest speaker ,Dr. Bob Maki of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Maki gave a nice intro and informational talk about the latest research on the drugs treating GIST and what’s new in the fight against this rare cancer. He was very informative and held a Q & A session with us afterward. Everyone participated and shared experiences and concerns and Dr. Maki was wonderful in answering our questions. The Grand Finale of our meeting was entertainment by Norman Scherzer dressed up in a sailor suit aboard the Life Raft singing “Thank You for Being a Friend” (Check out the video on theLRG Facebook Page)! Dr. Maki jumped in the life raft with Norm and sang along! It was a nice end-ing to our meeting and left us feeling upbeat and with more hope of finding a Cure to this dread-ed disease. Thanks LRG for all you do making sure none of us face this journey alone!