We have put together a map showing the distribution of GIST patients in the U.S. who are living with GIST in the LRG Patient Registry by state. The map shows how geographically diverse the Patient Registry is, with patients spread throughout the country.

California has the most patients with 140, followed by New York with 74, Texas with 71, Florida with 66, Illinois with 63, and Michigan with 51. Fifteen other states have 20 or more patients in the Registry. Those states with high numbers of patients range from the East to the West Coast, with many states in between.

The geographical diversity of the Patient Registry makes it a valuable tool for planning events and local meetings and for use in clinical trial recruitment. The Registry is used in conjunction with the LRG’s GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank to help researchers find a cure. We currently have about 1,600 patients in the Registry from all over the world.

We are working on an interactive map showing patients, GIST specialists and treatment facilities that can be searched using multiple criteria.

If you are not already participating in the Patient Registry, you may do so by joining here. Learn why it is important to participate in our Patient Registry here.