Cold intolerance is a side effect that may occur when undergoing treatment for GIST.

Be sure to discuss your cold intolerance with your physician! Cold intolerance can also be caused by various underlying medical conditions such as anemia, hyperthyroidism, vascular problems, or can be related to the hypothalamus. Be sure to note how long the cold intolerance has been occurring, if it has gotten progressively worse, and how often you feel cold when others don’t. This will help the physician decide if any diagnostic tests need to be performed to rule out any possible underlying conditions.

Try the following to help with cold intolerance:

  • Your body is the warmest when you wake up, so make sure to keep yourself warm from the start. Put on thick socks to keep the heat in your body, and wear three individual layers (Wearing layers will create more warmth than wearing one heavy sweater or shirt).
  • Buy clothing made of polypropylene (a chemical that keeps you warm and draws water away from the skin) that many outdoorsmen use to insulate their skin from the cold. However, other synthetic fibers can work just as well.
  • Use a heating pad or heat-activated strips sold in drug stores to keep warm and manage feeling cold.

Helpful Link:

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