/GIST 101 Webcast Delivers the Basics

GIST 101 Webcast Delivers the Basics

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David Josephy

David Josephy

On August 13th the LRG presented its most highly attended webcast to date, “GIST 101: Understanding the Basics and Biology Behind GIST”. The webcast was presented by longtime friend of the Life Raft Group, Dr. David Josephy, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Guelph in Ontario and President of Life Raft Group Canada.

Informed by his own extensive scientific background and inspired by his sister-in-law’s fight with GIST, Dr. Josephy was a perfect guide to the facts about this sometimes overwhelming and complex cancer. During the GIST 101 webinar, he covered everything from what GIST is, where it stems from, how it is diagnosed to the most common treatment. Given the time zone differences, we were so honored by how many international attendees joined us.

It was clear by the flood of questions we received during the subsequent Q&A period that increased awareness and education is key to the GIST community. To that end, we encourage you to join us for the next installment in the LRG webcast series or to submit ideas of topics you would like to see us cover. Email Mildred Menos at mmenos@liferaftgroup.org with your best ideas! For those unable to attend the GIST 101 webcast or those looking to rewatch it, you can find this and the rest of the LRG Webcast Series in our online library here.

Listen to GIST 101 Webcast

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