The Life Raft Group is excited to announce that our Virtual GIST Tumor Boards have been so successful within the global Pediatric GIST community that we are now expanding our applications to review adult GIST cases from around the world.

Our partnerships with the National Institutes of Health and physicians from key medical institutions around the world such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cambridge University Hospitals in England have allowed us to bring together leading experts to discuss GIST cases, while serving as an educational resource for local physicians. It not only provides local doctors with updated treatment options, trials and studies, it also encourages collaboration between GIST experts, ensuring the best care is offered to patients.

Cutting-edge Technology Connects Participants

The LRG uses cutting-edge technology to connect the local treating physicians and their team with key GIST opinion leaders. Panelists have shared access to radiology films and other necessary medical reports using the internet, secure servers and video conferencing software which allows them to review the case and provide advice in real time.

If you would like your case reviewed by a team of experts in a future Virtual GIST Tumor Board, please have your physician contact Mildred Menos at or by phone, (973) 837-9092 x129 and we will provide him/her with the application to get started