Dear LRG Community,

Thanks to our:

  • Caregivers, the unsung heroes who care for and give to our patients every day
  • Research team, who tirelessly reach for our mission to find a cure
  • Donors, who support our research efforts to educate the world about GIST
  • Volunteers, who give unconditionally
  • Physicians, who treat our patients
  • LRG staff, who keep the raft afloat and give our community the gifts of time and hope
  • And finally, our patients, who keep rowing despite it all and support our patient registry and tissue bank.

“And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”

Norman Scherzer, Executive Director

We love our Board

“We have made significant strides in helping patients and caregivers navigate this mental, emotional and physical roller coaster that we call GIST. But the strides are woefully inadequate, as we continue to lose too many people we care about to this disease. I am awestruck and inspired by the focus and tireless effort our staff puts forward every day. There is an old saying that goes: It is easy to focus. But the hardest thing to do is to refocus, every single day. The only way to win this GIST battle, or any battle for that matter, is to have the ability to refocus every single day. Dum spiro spero.” – Jerry Cudzil, LRG Board President