The Life Raft Group is pleased to announce the release of the tenth issue of The GIST Cancer Journal, the official journal of the Life Raft Group. The journal is intended to serve as a comprehensive and authoritative resource of scientifically valid information for physicians and allied health care professionals regarding advances in the diagnosis and treatment of GIST and other sarcomas. Editorial content focuses on the impact of translational research in oncology and gastroenterology relating to GIST and other sarcomas. As the official medical journal of the Life Raft Group, it also provides a forum for GIST patient advocacy. It is published quarterly.

In this issue of the GIST Cancer Journal

Gist-cancer-journal-vol3-issue2-summer2016Articles in this issue highlight the pros and cons of virtual medical meetings, insights into checkpoint inhibitors and sarcomas and an informative article on hereditary GIST.

Dr. Jonathan Trent, editor-in-chief, discusses the value of virtual medical meetings, highlighting the development of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s technology available on its website. Dr. Trent describes the value of the Life Raft Group’s GIST Virtual Tumor Board, and the role it has played in supporting the Pediatric GIST population and the NIH.

An insightful interview with Dr. Breelyn Wilky of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center highlights the role of immunotherapy in treating sarcomas. Her in-depth but thorough explanation of the role of checkpoint inhibitors in treating sarcomas sheds light on this important area of research.

Dr. Joshua D. Schiffman, Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Adjunct Professor, Department of Oncological Sciences, the School of Medicine at the University of Utah explores hereditary GIST, and the role mutational subtypes play in the value of familial screening and surveillance.

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