ISPOR LogoThe Future of RWE & Improving the Quality of Patient Survival

Two members of The LRG staff recently attended the annual ISPOR meeting in New Orleans. ISPOR (International Society for Pharmaceutical Economics and Outcomes Research) is the leading society for global health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). The conference theme was, “Rapid. Disruptive. Innovative. A New Era in HEOR.” A wide variety of compelling topics in HEOR were addressed.

The LRG presented our Real World Evidence (RWE) initiatives, interacted with researchers, and also served on the newly formed RWE special interest group. Nearly 4,000 healthcare stakeholders attended.

Yu Wang, LRG Data Scientist, presented the LRG Data and Research Model, including the Patient Registry and SideEQ, and discussed how this data helps us gain insight on ways to improve survival and quality of life for GIST patients. Pete Knox, LRG Senior Director of Research, attended an invitation-only meeting that kicked-off ISPOR’s RWE special interest group.

The LRG is both honored and excited to be a part of this group. Active participation will be key as it will allow the LRG to be part of the process to help define RWE going forward and assess the challenges of implementation. By identifying these challenges, they can be more successfully addressed. This will allow us to further improve our ability to affect patients’ survival and quality of life. Also, it will open up a dialogue with insurers and health systems to better understand how best to facilitate payment for medications and testing, a goal towards which we continually strive.

To learn more about The LRG’s long history of involvement with RWE and how RWE fits into our research model, please check out the first issue of LRG Science available at: and to read more about ISPOR see