Raising a Glass for #GISTresearch

Dr. Matt Lurin

Dr. Matt Lurin

Whisky aficionados gathered for the 3rd Annual Water of Life Fall event (WOLF) to enjoy whisky and raise funds for #GISTresearch. Since 2015, Dr. Matt Lurin has hosted this event; a fundraiser he created from his love of good whisky and a desire to help the LRG. Since the first Water of Life event, the fundraiser has evolved into two yearly events, with the fall gathering typically attracting a smaller, more intimate crowd. This year, however, the event was oversold with 60 brand ambassadors and participants in attendance.

WOLF was held on December 2, 2019 in the intimate ambiance of the Morrison Room at America Cut Steakhouse in Tribeca, NYC, where attendees enjoyed appetizers such as the signature salad “OG 1924 Hotel Caesar” and shrimp scampi. Brand ambassadors entranced the crowd with illustrative stories about each bottle they poured. Dinner included a 29-day wet-aged Porterhouse steak, among other entrees.

Dr. Lurin’s passion is a great illustration of how to take something you love and turn it into an event everyone will enjoy, plus have it benefit a cause that has personal meaning. Over the decades many people have used their passion to fuel fundraisers for #GISTresearch by holding comedy nights, walks, runs, creating cookbooks, and poker events.

Thank you to Dr. Lurin for his motivation and perseverance in holding this great event!

Do you have a passion that you can turn into a fundraiser?

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