Recently the LRG held its inaugural virtual meeting of the newly formed LRG Science Forum. As research regarding GIST and other relevant topics is extensive and dynamic, consensus among the Real World Evidence Team was that it would be a good idea to convene a group tasked with monitoring and assessing this research.

This forum serves a two-fold purpose: first, to monitor ongoing research and identify papers and projects of which our patient community should be aware. Secondly, to identify studies and researchers that could potentially benefit from an LRG collaboration and then reach out to those researchers to facilitate such alliances.

Current members of the group include LRG staff – Executive Director Norman Scherzer, GIST Patient Registry Director Denisse Montoya, Data Analyst Jerry Call, Clinical Trials Coordinator Jim Hughes, and Senior Director of Research Pete Knox, and David Josephy, Professor of Biochemistry at University of Guelph, Canada, and Michael Josephy, former Professor of Mathematics at Universidad de Costa Rica (retired) – both gentlemen have an extensive knowledge of GIST.

We intend to invite other researchers and clinicians to this forum to present their findings and/or potential projects. Updates on the LRG Science Forum will be posted as information becomes available.

If you are interested in joining this Forum, please contact: Pete Knox, Senior Director, Research: