Ten Tips to Stay in the Moment

At the Life Raft Group, we often hear from our patients and caregivers that they are struggling with anxiety due to their diagnosis. This anxiety can put a damper on everyday life and make getting through the day challenging by creating intrusive, racing, and ruminating thoughts. Often these thoughts are indicators that something is going on. It is important to acknowledge these thoughts and feelings while finding ways to manage. These thoughts can feel overwhelming – as if they are taking over your entire life.

Creating a set amount of time per day to focus on these thoughts can be helpful but staying in those thoughts and allowing them to take over can feel defeating. If you find yourself distracted by your thoughts and unable to focus on other tasks, grounding techniques can be helpful to bring you back to the present moment. The goal of participating in grounding techniques is to utilize your senses and observe without judgment what is going on around you.

Here are some grounding techniques to try:

Ten Tips for When Your Mind Wanders

When you are experiencing anxiety, you feel that everything is out of control. Simple techniques such as these can be a way to regain some control. As always, if the feelings become unmanageable, please know that there is help available. Listed to the right are articles concerning anxiety and depression which can be found on our website.