It’s #TimeToGetTested

Understanding the role of mutations and biomarker testing is one of most important things patients must learn. Uncovering the driving force behind each individual’s tumors is not just important, it is critical. Biomarker testing is an opportunity to improve and optimize treatment – possibly avoiding unnecessary treatments and getting to the right treatment sooner. Currently, biomarker testing rates in the gastrointestinal stromal tumor patient population are relatively poor – only about 41% of patients have had testing done. The Life Raft Group Patient Registry, which is a group of extremely proactive patients, notes only about 58% of patients are aware of their mutation.

This is why the LRG is launching the It’s Time campaign. It is time to stop talking and take action to assure patients get tested. The goals of this campaign are to improve the understanding of biomarker testing in the cancer community and increase the number of patients tested.

In this post, we feature sarcoma experts discussing biomarker testing.

It's time to advocate for this lifesaving tool for all GIST PatientsIt’s time to advocate for this life-saving tool for all GIST patients!

In these three videos produced by Blueprint Medicines (developer of Ayvakit), GIST experts discuss the importance of biomarker/mutational testing in the treatment plan for GIST patients. Oncologists Dr. Neeta Somaiah (MD Anderson) and Dr. Jonathan Trent (Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center) and pathologist Dr. Brian Rubin (Cleveland Clinic) answer critical questions about testing and how it can affect treatment effectiveness and patient survival.

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