On Wednesday, July 14th, the LRG’s Executive Director Norman J. Scherzer joined a renowned group of speakers for the Chronic Disease Day Advocacy Training Session which was presented live on Facebook by Good Days and United For Charitable Assistance. The training session focused on “Telling Your Story and Using Your Voice to Advocate for Progress”. Included on the agenda: Keynote Speaker Dr. Harry P. Selker, Chairman of the Clinical Research Forum, and Randall Odebralski, COO of Good Days and Dane Christensen, Executive Vice President, Health and Medicine Counsel, with Jack DiMatteo, Office of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D-IL) and James Romano, Executive Director of United for Charitable Assistance sharing special remarks. Chronic Rare Disease Awareness Day is observed on July 10th of each year.

Norman Scherzer presenting at Chronic Rare Disease Day speaking engagement Sharing from his home in Little Falls, NJ, Scherzer spoke about his journey with wife Anita who lived with GIST for over 20 years and the creation of the Life Raft Group.

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