After 14 years serving as Board President of the Life Raft Group, Jerry Cudzil is stepping down. His leadership has guided the LRG through many changes as the landscape of rare cancer advocacy has evolved. His extraordinary fundraising efforts have contributed to the LRG’s research, support and education efforts.

To quote Norman Scherzer, Executive Director of the Life Raft Group, “Jerry Cudzil leaves his position as our Board President with a job well done over many years. His compensation is the knowledge that others have survived because of his support. “

Gary L. Glasser was recently voted in to fill the role. He has been a Board member for Life Raft Group since 2013 and Secretary-Treasurer since 2015.

Glasser currently, and since 2020, heads up the Data Science and Strategy group for Birch Hill Equity Partners, a private equity firm located in Toronto. Prior to Birch Hill, Gary had a long career in investment banking and investment management, including as Head of Research for Lucidus Capital Partners and Caxton Associates, Head of Investment Banking for Utendahl Capital Partners, Co-Head of TMT High Yield Investment Banking for JPMorganChase, and Head of Business Services Investment Banking for Goldman Sachs.

Gary has an MBA from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) Degree from Yale University. His personal dedication to the Life Raft Group is in honor of his father, Lawrence, who passed away due to GIST in October 2011.

According to Norman Scherzer, “Gary Glasser continues to honor the loss of his father by helping others survive a rare cancer called GIST. There is no greater act of respect from a son. We look forward to continuing to work with Gary in his new role as Board President.”

Glasser stated, “Jerry Cudzil has provided extraordinary leadership for more than a decade, and we will recognize him fully and appropriately at Life Fest in July. We plan to continue the amazing work LRG has done supporting our patients to live longer with a higher quality of life.”

Joining Gary on the governing board is Steve Pontell, Esq., who will be serving in the role of Vice President. Steve serves as the LRG’s volunteer counsel and joined the Board in 2020.

Kay Stolzer is assuming the role of Secretary/Treasurer. Kay has served in various roles in the Life Raft Group and is currently a leader in the GIST Mentor Program. She joined the Board in 2021.