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Join us for a relaxing Mindfulness series while connecting with others in LRG’s GIST community during this virtual event. Mindfulness means maintaining a present-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, or surrounding environment. It helps cancer patients better manage symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and fear of recurrence and their caregivers to practice self-compassion. The group will meet every week for 8 consecutive weeks starting Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm EDT. During this 8 week module series, we will cover the following:

Module 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness

Module 2- Breathwork Basics

Module 3- Breathwork for Pain Management and Side Effects

Module 4- Self Compassion and Compassion for Caregivers

Module 5- Breathwork for Insomnia/ Stress and Anxiety

Module 6- Mindful Eating

Module 7- Mindfulness as a Way of Life

Module 8- Tips and Q&A


About the Group Leader

Carolina PonceCarolina Ponce is a Mindfulness Coach, Learning Specialist at a private school, mother of one boy, and a GIST patient (diagnosed in 2006).  Carolina started practicing Mindfulness when she was diagnosed with chronic anxiety after my diagnosis. As an educator, Carolina realized that she had to share this amazing practice with her students, friends and family. She decided to get certified as a coach and started training families , teachers, admin, etc. Today, Carolina teaches it to anyone who wants to learn more about “the art of being present”, staying calm through hard times, and preventing health issues. Through this journey, she has realized that everyone can learn to practice Mindfulness and it can easily become a way of life.

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