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Please join Modern Mahjong for a virtual tournament to benefit the LRG!

Play at your convenience between Nov. 1-6
$36 Registration fee for 6 rounds (4 games per round)
Play for fun. Compete for gift cards and raise funds & awareness

Beginners & Advanced Players Welcome!

Modern Mahjong logog LR white bacYou’re invited to play virtually with Modern Mahjong to benefit the LRG. Have you always wanted to enter a tournament, but you’ve been a little hesitant because you’re not sure if you’re fast enough, or if there’s scoring issues? We have a great way for you to get ready for tournaments while playing in a tournament. It is our Modern Mah Jongg flexible virtual tournament. You play online on any National Mah Jongg League website, either with friends that you register with, or we could set you up and you could play with other players on the same website. If we can’t find three other players on the website of your choice, there’s an option of playing against bots for a bot prize.

You play at your convenience anytime between November 1 and November 6. You register for $36 for six rounds, which is four games per round. You could play them all at once, or you could break them up however your group works. We try to pair players in the same time zone if we can and put people together for a fun and competitive game. You could win gift cards for Modern Mah Jong and Amazon, all while raising funds and awareness. Each month that we have a tournament we pick a different charity and this month (November) proceeds will benefit The Life Raft Group.

The great thing about playing in our virtual tournament in addition to having fun competing for prizes and raising funds and awareness is we set you up to understand how timing works, how scoring works and gets you ready to play in a local tournament or a national tournament.

Our custom score sheets include the rules as well as how to score. So scoring is based on the value of the card. If you are Joker-less other than a singles and pairs hand, you get a bonus. If you’re self-picked for any hand, you get a bonus. If you throw to an exposure, more than two exposures, you get deductions. And at the end of the tournament, whoever is considered East simply takes a picture of, or scans the document of your score sheet and emails them to us. We put everything in order and announce the winners and email prizes out. So it’s a really simple and fun way to get started on tournaments and see if you love them.

What’s not to love having fun with friends, entering for prizes and doing good by raising funds and awareness for charity?

Questions? Email ModernMahjong@gmail.com

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