GIST knows no boundaries. GIST patients are out there, in need of support, advice and treatment. Our focus at The LRG  is to increase access to effective treatments worldwide. We will work tirelessly to assure that GIST patients across the world have access to the best possible treatments.

We have designed this space especially for you. Here, you can easily find information in your own language. You will have access to educational resources, videos, presentations, translations of interesting articles as well as information about activities done by GIST patient advocacy organizations around the world. Our goal is to keep you informed and updated on what is happening in relation to GIST, in your own language. Navigate through the languages with the links on the right.

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LRG Webcast: Optimizing GIST Treatment – Hebrew Subtitles

August 20th, 2019|Comments Off on LRG Webcast: Optimizing GIST Treatment – Hebrew Subtitles

This webcast was originally recorded May 21, 2019.  Follow this link for webcast with Hebrew Subtitles. Listen to the webcast - Hebrew subtitles Are you interested in optimizing your treatment?  In [...]

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