Our members embody the meaning of courage, which according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is “The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.”

Each member story is unique, but all reflect the intrinsic courage of those who face the challenges of cancer head on, with dignity, strength and passion for life.

Take a moment to listen to their voices.

Be amazed by what real courage looks like.

Member Stories are below.
If you would like to contribute your story, or, that of a loved one, please email us today. Feel free to include any images you would like us to use!
Also visit our In Memoriam section and our In Memoriam website to light a candle for love ones that have passed.

Member Stories

  • Portrait of Fatema Suterwala

Hope Prevails

At 39-years-old, Fatema Suterwala was preparing to say goodbye to her husband and young son. Confused by this cruel twist of fate and wracked with pain, she was saved by a collaboration of medical [...]

  • Candle

In Memoriam – Nikki Morales

Dear Nikki, You have left us too soon, but your presence will be felt far and wide for a very long time. From the moment I first spoke with you on the phone, I [...]

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