The Life Raft Group is pleased to announce the release of the fifth issue of The GIST Cancer Journal, the official journal of the Life Raft Group and the first academic journal devoted solely to GIST. The journal is intended to serve as a comprehensive and authoritative resource of scientifically valid information for physicians and allied health care professionals regarding advances in the diagnosis and treatment of GIST. Editorial content focuses on the impact of translational research in oncology and gastroenterology relating specifically to GIST. As the official medical journal of the Life Raft Group, it also provides a forum for GIST patient advocacy. It is published quarterly.

In this issue of the GIST Cancer Journal

The GIST Cancer Journal Volume 2, Number 1 Spring 2015Articles in this month’s issue highlight research on potential new targeted  treatments f0r GIST and surgical management in rare GIST.

As Dr. Jonathan Trent, the editor of the GIST Cancer Journal states in his editor’s memo:

“Drug development for cancer has benefited from both new FDA policies and advances in genetic analysis that allow researchers to target drugs to patients most likely to benefit.”

Anette Duensing, MD discusses the changing landscape of GIST treatment that has led to a re-evaluation of treatment options, bringing clinicians to a more personalized approach for patients. Read the article about New Targets, Novel Treatments Could Achieve Translational Results and Enhanced Apoptosis of GIST Cells.

Dr. Aaron R. Sasson’s article, Surgical Management, Clinical Outcomes in Rare GIST: Emerging Data Highlight Conservative Strategies, Preoperative TKI Use highlights some key features of GIST tumors and to what extent surgery can achieve favorable outcomes.