There has been discussion in the news recently concerning charitable giving patient assistance programs that aid Medicare and Medicaid patients with premium assistance. New federal regulatory guidance seeks to prohibit charitable organizations from helping patients to pay for these essential treatments.

The Life Raft Group is committed to the premise that patients shall be held harmless from the infighting between government, pharmaceutical and private agencies. We are against any legislation that makes it more difficult for a cancer patient to receive life saving treatment.

To this end, the LRG lends support to the Access to Marketplace Insurance Act, H.R. 3742, legislation that would override the CMS guidance on third-party payments and require health insurance companies to accept payments from non-profit organizations that operate in compliance with the False Claims Act.

The Life Raft Group has joined the Marketplace Access Project, a patient advocacy movement dedicated to protecting non-profit insurance premium assistance for individuals suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

For more information on H.R. 3742 and how you can support it: