/Global Spotlight – Introducing Two New Global Representatives

Global Spotlight – Introducing Two New Global Representatives

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Two new representatives have join the LRG community, providing resources and support to patients in Russia, and Kenya.

Dmitry Bukhtenkov

Dmitry Bukhtenkov

Dmitry Bukhtenkov is the newest LRG Global Representative for Russia. Born in Moscow, Dmitry holds a degree in law and economics. He is the co-founder of Biopolis, LLC, and a task leader in the Strategy/Planning/Business Development Unit at United Heavy Machinery Plants. Inspired to learn all he could about GIST when his mother was diagnosed with GIST in 2017, Dmitry decided gathered info from the LRG website and decided to partner with the LRG after conversing with Piga Fernandez, Global Relations Consultant, and Sara Rothschild, Programs Operations Senior Director, at the LRG. He’s interested in creating a online GIST forum, connecting with GIST specialists in Russia to share knowledge and experience, and collaborating with other advocacy and cancer groups in Russia with the same intention.

Elo Mapelu

Elo Mapelu

Elo Mapelu is the new Global Representative for Kenya. Elo is the current Chairman of Henzo Kenya, a community of CML and GIST patients. Henzo Kenya seeks to create awareness about these cancers, provide emotional and social support and education, as well as advocating on cancer related issues that affect their members and the general public.

Elo shared, “Coming together in the Henzo community has encouraged these patients to go on and keep the fight against cancer on. We meet together on clinic days to share experiences and pray together. This intrinsic system of support gives strength to the patients as they see that their journey and hope is shared by many.”

Henzo is among the most active cancer patients’ groups in Kenya and has played a key part in the emergence of unified voices in advocacy. The organization seeks to destigmatize cancer, which affects therapy outcomes, and make strategic alliances with similar organizations, like the LRG, to find solutions to obstacles relating to cancer care.

Interested in our global representatives? Browse our list of international support groups.

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