Selnet LogoThe Life Raft Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with SELNET, a project which is creating a multidisciplinary network of European and Latin American clinical and translational specialists. This project’s goal is to improve diagnosis and clinical care in sarcomas and  establish guidelines for referral policies, diagnostic methods, clinical practice guidelines among other necessary changes to current practices. The project seeks to create a collaborative, replicable model of diagnosis and care that can be used in the treatment of all rare tumors and in other countries.

The LRG’s diverse experience with global partnerships will enhance these efforts by harnessing our global connections and leveraging our real world data. In 2016 we embarked on an initiative called Salud con Datos (Health with Data) which works collaboratively with Latin American partners in the collection of data to learn more about rare diseases and advance advocacy efforts for cancer patients.

The SELNET network will focus on conducting an international registry-based observational study to assess clinical management and prognosis of sarcomas as well as the development of intercontinental sarcoma biobanks, preclinical models, and a translational study with drugs in rare sarcoma subtypes.

We believe our ongoing collaborations with Salud con Datos will complement the overall objective of the SELNET project.

For more information on SELNET, please visit: