When to Consider Surgery Webcast by Dr. Jason Sicklick

Dr. Jason Sicklick, Moores Cancer Center UCSD

UC San Diego Health released a post today titled, “Genetic Testing Cost Effective for Newly Diagnosed GIST” discussing a new paper published in JAMA Network Open by Moores Cancer Center’s Dr. Jason Sicklick and colleagues which covered genetic testing for GIST patients. These clinicians developed a model to compare the cost effectiveness of targeted gene testing and personalized therapy for patients with metastatic GIST prescribed Gleevec. Co-authors include: Sudeep Banerjee, Abhishek Kumar, Nicole Lopez, Beiqun Zhao, Chih-Min Tang, Mayra Yebra, Hyunho Yoon and James D. Murphy, all of UC San Diego.

“The treatment of cancer is becoming an increasingly personalized process,” said Sudeep Banerjee, MD, one of Dr. Sicklick’s coauthors and colleagues at Moore Cancer Center. “There is a rapidly expanding body of research around gene-specific and even mutation-specific therapies that can be effective independent of the site of origin of a given tumor. Genetic testing provides the necessary information for patients to potentially benefit from those novel therapies.”

The Life Raft Group aided in funding Dr. Sicklick for this research.

You. can read the entire press release here:

For the full article in the JAMA Network.