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The Life Raft Group is committed to ensuring your GIST journey is as manageable as possible. We want you to thrive! Our patients are the foundation of our organization and the focus of our mission. We want to ensure that we expand our resources in order to help patients stay on their treatment longer by helping them to manage their side effects.

Because we understand the importance of knowing, understanding, and managing side effects, we have created new data fields within our patient registry platform. This data will help us further analyze side effects that patients face and in turn we can help patients manage their side effects and thrive.

These new questions will be asked every time you submit a medical update. Our team will be able to provide comparative data on how other GISTers are managing side effects as well as provide you with a summary of how your side effects have changed over time.

To learn more about this or to discuss your side effects,  please contact the Patient Registry Department: or call us at: 973-837-9092.

You can submit a your medical update here, anytime or call or email our Patient Registry Department.