GISTer Support Group image for July 11 postThis group will meet via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM ET (NY Time)

This bi-weekly group is open to any GISTer who would like support, empowerment, and tools for thriving. Group facilitator, GIST Mentor and fellow GISTer, Saeed, lives with GIST and deals with another chronic disease. He believes strongly that self-advocacy and body & mind healing power are the strongest forces against our common challenge.

He will start each group with a “Round Robin” in which anyone can update the group on how they are doing and/or feeling. Participation and sharing are voluntary or you may opt to simply listen. After our updates, the group will have the opportunity for organic conversation in relation to our emotional experiences around GIST, and other challenges that we may be experiencing as a community.

From time to time, we pick special topics to discuss so that we can share our experiences and learn from each other. Past topics have included: dealing with grief, side effects, anxiety, and SCANxiety, plus nutrition education & special nutrition resources (cookbooks and recipes), mindfulness & meditation, exercise and general well-being.

In order to be able to moderate a flowing discussion, the group will be capped at 15 people each month. The first 15 people into the Zoom waiting room may participate. Keep in mind that since the group is now open, you don’t necessarily have to attend each month to participate.

If you are not already signed up, register today with Diana Nieves via email:

Caregiver support Group image for July 11 post

This group will meet via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1PM ET
(Noon Central, 10 am Pacific)

The Life Raft Group sponsors a twice-monthly support group for GIST caregivers, facilitated by Marlene Nei, a GIST Caregiver Mentor. We gather virtually as a group. We talk about feelings you might be experiencing in relation to GIST, and your life. You can listen, share stories if you feel comfortable doing so, and speak freely about those fears and anxieties you might be feeling.
This group is a safe space to not only to feel supported by fellow caregivers, but to also hear about, and share coping mechanisms that may help us through a stressful time. All information shared is confidential and stays within the group.

About our Group Leader:

Marlene Nei, Caregiver Support Group Leader

Marlene Nei, GIST Caregiver

As an active member of the Life Raft Group, Marlene advocates for the needs of the caregiver community. She wants caregivers to know they are not alone after hearing their loved one’s GIST diagnosis. It is her mission to advocate for the entire GIST community, making sure they are equipped with the appropriate resources needed on their GIST journey.

If you would like to join this group, register today with Diana Nieves via email: