Our Good News Holiday Campaign is the culmination of our year of “Time to Tell the Stories 2022.” In this series, we celebrate the connections, the celebrations, the events and milestones that we’ve been privileged to be a part of this year. Our 20th anniversary year is winding down and we are wrapping it up by spreading good news & gratitude throughout the season. Your financial donations and selfless volunteerism are what enable us to continue providing vital services to our GIST community.

Celebrating our Global Impact!

Patient Advocate Sarah McGoram shared her GISTory with us in our latest newsletter, and in her two decades + of experience with GIST she’s learned a lot about advocating for herself and for others. Read her story here (pgs. 11 &12), and listen to her share about advocacy in the video below.

Please join with us to continue to make a global impact for 2023!

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