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Access to information, health equity and knowledge in cancer care

Here is a recently published article from Alianza GIST Brazil representative Valeria Hartt about access to information, health equity and knowledge in cancer care in Brazil. Valeria described her article below: In order to add contributions [...]

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Alianza GIST sets forth plan for strengthening the coalition in Latin America

Alianza GIST has set forth a plan to strengthen the coalition in Latin America. Keep reading for the official press release and more information about Alianza GIST.

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Alianza GIST launches new website!

Alianza GIST also launched a new social networking community where GIST patients and caregivers can login to the Comunidad de Alianza GIST and chat with each other about relevant topics related to their cancer. There is also functionality where each country organization has a “Group” set up where they can communicate internally with their members. At the moment, this comunidad site is only available in Spanish.

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Alianza GIST Meets in Miami

From March 25 through 28 representatives of 12 Latin American countries got together in Miami with representatives of The Life Raft Group, The Max Foundation, American Cancer Society, CODEVIDA, SixDegrees and the pharmaceutical industry in order to update themselves about GIST treatment and get trained on how to improve education, advocacy and patient support for the GIST community in Latin America.

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Alianza GIST update: CME & Access Discussed

On November 16, representatives of 10 countries, and Susana Sarabia from The Max Foundation, got together in a teleconference conducted by Vicky Ossio, Alianza GIST Coordinator, and Sara Rothschild, LRG Global Relations Director. Despite the difference in hours, all participated with great enthusiasm

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First GIST tumor board convenes for Latin American docs

Alianza GIST, in partnership with the Life Raft Group, The Max Foundation, and Tecnológico de Monterrey hosted an event for Latin American physicians on Sunday June 5th at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference (ASCO). The meeting drew physicians from many countries as they discussed best practices in Latin America for GIST and convened a Tumor Board with case discussions.

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