Alianza GIST members from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain joined representatives from the Life Raft Group in Zurich, Switzerland from May 14 to 17.

alianzaThe major focus of the meeting was to develop a new methodology in order to move towards Alianza GIST autonomy.

One of the workshops focused on identifying projects for the coming year according to the principal issues concerning Latin America. Each project will be led by one country, and will be coordinated by Piga Fernandez and Rodrigo Salas, board member and Mexico representative.

Projects include:

  •  Argentina – Updating the Alianza GIST website
  • Mexico and the LRG – Vigilance and Surveillance – Global Patient Registry
  • Colombia – Education on GIST for future medical generations
  • Guatemala – Education to patients and doctors in Central America
  • Cuba – Latest scientific information available for physicians
  • Bolivia – Online patient support

The meeting was an opportunity for representatives to share their progress, concerns and hopes for the future, as well as a chance to interact in the peaceful setting Zurich provided.

Alianza GIST is a partnership of patient advocates representing 14 Latin American countries that have convened to create the Latin American GIST Initiative for the GIST community, focused on four key principles:

To improve the knowledge of patients and physicians.

  • To increase patient access to adequate treatment and resources.
  • To support local patient support organizations, including the creation of new ones.
  • To encourage collaboration and coordination with the physician community.

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