Your GISTory is important! We recently helped a member of the Life Raft Group who was in distress after learning that their GIST became advanced.  This member had asked us to provide them resources and information on next line treatments and available clinical trials to discuss with their oncologist.  When trying to gather those resources, we asked to review the GISTory or medical summary of their treatment with GIST, to understand what has transpired and not provide redundant information to them.  We found out that the record was out of date for more than a year and took extra time to get up to speed with the current treatment and exams that have transpired.  After some time, we were able to provide the information that they needed to help them make the appropriate treatment decisions.

Having your GISTory or medical summary up to date and handy when faced with a medical emergency is crucial when making decisions on how to proceed with your care.   We encourage all Life Raft Group Members to please call our office at 973-837-9092 and ask for either  Michelle at ext 125 or Magdalena  at ext 114 to update their record in The Life Raft Group’s patient registry.  We will be able to provide you an updated copy of your GISTory.   If you would like to participate in the Life Raft Group’s Patient Registry, please fill out our membership application.

Patient Registry Application Form

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