Untitled-7Life is hectic. For most of us our days are filled with work, school, children, family and friends. When cancer strikes a family, everyone’s life is disrupted in unimaginable ways.  Riding the rollercoaster that is cancer treatment requires a lot of support and encouragement.  Day in and day out, help or just small acts of kindness can make all the difference. In this spirit of appreciation, the Life Raft Group invited the local GIST community to a special dinner just to say thanks. Appreciation was offered by many to many: from patients recognizing daughters, parents, sisters, neighbors, friends; to the Life Raft Group thanking volunteers, staff, business associates, donors and pharmaceutical companies. What do all these people have in common? They are —in big and small ways—making someone else’s life a little easier, better and even happier. Whether it’s finding new treatments or helping someone get to treatment, educating doctors about treatment options or getting a patient to a doctor’s appointment, all of these efforts make a difference and are deserving of a special thank you. Ray Montague, LRG Board Member, and Norman Scherzer, Executive Director, thanked the many people who make the work of The Life Raft Group possible and all those who work to improve the lives of GIST patients every day. To this end, we invite everyone to take a moment and thank that special person in your life who drove you to the doctor, brought you some cookies to cheer you up or perhaps most importantly, did something to make you smile.