The Life Raft Group is opening up the application process for our third Virtual GIST Tumor Board, date to be determined.

This time we are expanding our applications to review all GIST cases from around the world.

Consult with a Panel of GIST Experts

This is an opportunity for your local physician to consult with a panel of GIST experts from around the world on the state and future direction of your care. Questions physicians may pose to the panel may include exploration of side effects, optimal treatment and dosage, examination of scans and whether surgery is a viable option. Panelists have real-time shared view access to radiology films and other necessary reports using the internet, secure servers and video conferencing software to review cases and provide advice to the doctor.

How to be Part of the Virtual GIST Tumor Board

If you would like your case reviewed by a team of experts, please have your physician contact Mildred Menos at, or (973) 837-9092 ext. 129 and we will provide him/her with the application to get started.

The application deadline is February 27, 2015.