On Friday, May 22, members of the Life Raft Group traveled to Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health to share the technology, capabilities and data of the LRG Patient Registry.  The presentation was part of the Epidemiology Department’s ongoing disease-focused “Cluster Seminar” which draws researchers, professors and graduate students from both Columbia’s Public Health and Medical campuses.

Representatives from the LRG staff in attendance included Patient Registry Director Michelle Durborow, Strategic Planning Director Pete Knox, Technology Consultant James Lee and Assistant Program Director Mildred Menos. The team presented an overview of the registry’s operation and management, the science behind GIST, the technical details behind the registry’s construction, and the facilitation of data sharing and collaboration with interested academic partners.

Enrollment in the Patient Registry is free with Life Raft Group membership and all data provided is kept secure and private. Registry participants enjoy the double benefit of receiving valuable information and support as well as the opportunity to directly assist GIST researchers in their work towards a cure.

To join the Patient Registry today please visit: