The Life Raft Group GIST Patient Registry has been dedicated to gathering empirical data to accelerate GIST research for more than 20 years. The data contribution has helped us understand many aspects of GIST, such as mutations, treatment patterns, and side effects. Thanks to our patients who provide us with frequent medical updates, we are able to help guide GIST patients. Our members have made a huge impact in our #GISTresearch! We sincerely thank them for being an active member of our patient registry and for helping us make a difference.
patient-reg-review-2021-graphic post

graphic for Patient Reg in Review 2021Our aim is to assure that GIST patients have access to the right diagnosis and treatment, and by supporting research to develop new treatments for those patients for whom current treatments are not effective.

As we move forward, some of our goals are to help patients better understand their GIST and expand our tissue bank! None of the accomplishments we had in 2021 could have been possible without our ever supportive Patient Registry members. We thank you! Your data matters!

If you would like to discuss any of the information contained within this report, you can contact the Data Management & Research team of the LRG at:

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