LRG Global Representative Adriana María Garzón PinzónAdriana’s journey with cancer began 15 years ago. After conquering Stage 3 breast cancer, she changed her professional path and poured her skills, talents, and experience into serving other cancer patients. In 2004, Adriana, Senator Sandra Ceballos (deceased), Dr. José Caicedo, and Dr. José Robledo founded ONES, the first NGO (non-governmental organization) to promote breast cancer awareness. ONES advocated for a law to establish actions for the standards of care for cancer.

Adriana was also a part of the founding council of Asociación Amese, an organization that supports women with breast diseases. In 2010, she created Fundación SIMMON, a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to a better quality of life for people with cancer, their families and caregivers. At Fundación SIMMON, you can find support groups, legal counseling, wellness workshops, patient meetings, loan natural hair wigs, training and support for caregivers, volunteer opportunities and a house full of hope. SIMMON is one of the most recognized cancer patients’ organizations in Colombia among patients, decision makers, similar organizations and other health system stakeholders.

As an LRG Global Representative, Adriana hopes to collaborate in any actions, events, or advocacy efforts that contribute to the timely diagnosis and to provide patients that are going through this journey with the support and hope they need.