NCCN 2023 Patient GuideIn April, we published notes on the new 2023 NCCN Clinical Guidelines for GIST (read here), discussing some of the significant changes to the guidelines of which patients should be aware and would be advised to discuss with their oncologist. The NCCN Guidelines for GIST patients hve now been released and are available here. 

Please read the GIST sections carefully. Among the edits, one of the most important changes that we highlighted on the updated clinical guidelines was the emphasis on performing mutational testing for all patients (resectable & unresectable) when medical therapy is considered. Our goal is to encourage all GIST patients to get mutational testing following a GIST diagnosis to ensure they and their medical team are considering the most efficient course of treatment for their specific mutation.

Note: if you have not received mutational testing and reside in the US, please contact our Data Management & Research team to discuss access to free mutational testing or if you have any questions about these guideline updates:


Navigating GIST NCCN Guidelines Webinar

Navigating Survivorship Care
(this webinar gives an explanation of NCCN Guidelines at timestamp 30:17)