Everything has it’s time. Also a life. Jan-Einar Moe passed away peacefully at hospital on July 8, surrounded by his loved ones. Jan-Einar was born on February 18, 1945 in Oslo, where he lived his whole life.

Jan-Einar’s life was closely connected to three things: family, cars and history. Jan-Einar married Solveig in 1967 and they had two children and four grandchildren. He lived his life for the family and couldn’t get enough time with his grandchildren. His entire working career was connected to Peugeot cars. He was employed in Peugeot Norway in 1972 and stayed there until he passed away. He worked on all levels from mechanics to top chief and he loved it all. He learned to speak French and had close connection with France throughout his career. Every year he had at least five to six trips to France and he knew every part of the country, but it was specially Paris and St. Tropez that made him happy. He kept coming back again and again and they said in France when they heard the news, “Now we’ve lost monsieur Peugeot Norvegé.” In his spare time he loved reading and researching about history, especially about the history of his family and about cars and transportation. He also had two old cars; one 1937 model and one 1964 model (Peugeot of course!), which took a lot of his time.

Jan-Einar lived a colorful life with trips all around the world. The only thing he never got to do was to take a trip to Minnesota, to try and find some family who emigrated in the late 1880s.

After he got sick five years ago, he spent a lot of time and found great hope, fun and comfort being in the Gist- Network/LRG and it meant a lot to him all the love, support and understanding he found among his friends in this network. He will be deeply missed but also warmly remembered as a loving husband, great father, funny grandfather, warm friend and colleague.