Shortly after being diagnosed with GIST in 2003, Dina Wiley was referred to the Life Raft Group, where she found essential support and vital information. Once she was put in touch with Floyd Pothoven, LRG’s former representative, she began attending support group meetings that he hosted. Those meetings were significant, because as the members shared their experiences she realized that she was no longer alone. She saw this meeting as a pivotal point in her fight against GIST. Dina’s desire is to keep the flame burning by providing opportunities for others with GIST to be informed and share their stories while they offer and receive support. Now a retired psychologist, Dina is involved in civic endeavors, and looks forward to having an opportunity to serve as the LRG’s So. California Representative. She shares a home in Redondo Beach with her husband, Sam, and their feline “baby,” JazzCat. * The LRG would like to extend a special thank you to Floyd Pothoven for many years of dedication in supporting others living with GIST.