As you read in our last newsletter, the Life Raft Group has launched a new website. If you have not already, be sure to visit the new site at for up-to-date news and information about GIST Cancer.

The website uses WordPress, which is widely considered the gold standard of content management systems. It allows the LRG to create content on both pages and posts (aka articles). Whether it is the announcement of Stivarga, an update on Clinical Trials, or Janeen’s Top Ten Valentine’s Day Tips, the LRG is able to share engaging and informative content quickly and easily.

If you have read any of our articles on the website, you may have noticed two important elements. First, at the bottom of each post, we have sharing options and a comment section. Both are great ways for you the reader to get involved in the conversation and share these articles with your friends.

For the sharing icons, we feature a Facebook Share, a Twitter Tweet button, a Google + button, and then a button for other sharing options. If you scroll your mouse over the icon, a small box will open up allowing other sharing options including a way to email and print the article.

The comment system that we use is called Disqus, and it is very user friendly. Many sites use this form of comments because it allows you to organize all commenting you may do on the web in one place. Simply type your comment in the open box, and then choose which option to log in with, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus so you can publicly post a comment. If you would rather post anonymously, we offer that option as well.

The next time you are reading an article on the site, consider sharing it and leaving us a comment! For more information on how to use these features email Jim Napier at