Join our Tissue Bank – Help the LRG in the search for a cure. Wildtype GIST tissue is needed for a current LRG Research Team project. This project, briefly described in the Research Article found here, will look at SDH methylation status in wildtype GISTs. If you or a loved one are a wildtype GIST patient, please help the LRG Research Team in its search for the cure by donating your tissue.

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Donating Tissue to Research

All pediatric GIST patients are eligible to participate in the Life Raft Group research initiative. Pediatric GIST tumor tissue from paraffin blocks and frozen tissue are needed for the project. The patient will receive basic mutational results (genotype) and will be helping move pediatric GIST research forward.
Instructions for submitting paraffin tissue

At this time, frozen tissue is only being actively gathered from the institutions participating in the Life Raft Group research project (see at the bottom of this page). If surgery is planned at one of these centers, contact the Life Raft Group prior to surgery and we will contact the appropriate person to attempt frozen tissue acquisition.

Click the following links for instructions on joining the LRG Tissue Bank and GIST Patient Registry or call (973) 837-9092 or email us at for assistance. The process is easy—the tissue required is taken from an existing paraffin block held in your hospital, so no new biopsy is required.

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Note: We are always looking to add more tissue to our Tissue Bank, so regardless of type, if you are thinking of ways to support research, please consider donating your tissue today.