GIST Awareness Day, July 13th, 2020

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UK (Britian)

The theme of GAD was #GISTHope.

2020 brought a global health crisis that has challenged GIST patients. Even though we can’t be together physically for our biennial Life Fest celebration and we won’t be together for GIST Awareness Day, we can unite and spread a message of hope and positive messages while raising GIST awareness across the world

#GISTHope painted on a rockDuring this pandemic, we have seen images of hope that people are sharing on social media. We invite you to spread the message #GISTHope by painting this message on rocks and placing them on trails or pathways in your community. See instructions.

Paint or draw an image of a rainbow, the universal sign of hope, and the hashtag, “GISTHope”.

Want to go bigger? Paint a GISTHope sign, or make a quilt, design jewelry, create a mural, or hang a banner.

You can find our Facebook frames by searching Life Raft Group in the area where you add a Profile Frame on Facebook.

We will wait together in joyful hope for this pandemic to end, for the world to know what GIST is and for our research to find a cure. #GISTHope.

Need More Ideas on How to Celebrate GAD?

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