Tips to maximize your fun at the Women in Sarcoma Virtual Gala

GIST Cook Cookbook1. Dress up! In the midst of a pandemic, there haven’t been many occasions to ‘glam it up’. Pull out your favorite cocktail dress, bridesmaids’ dress, or fancy suit that’s been hiding at the back of your closet! Wear those pearls! Don that tiara! Have fun with it even though no one can see you.

2. Prepare some fancy, fun snacks. If you need ideas, there are some great recipes in the LRG GIST Cook Cookbook.

3. Prepare our Gala signature cocktail or make up your own & share. Or pour some ginger ale in a champagne glass. This cocktail was created by Dr. Sandra D’Angelo, Medical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

WIS Signature Cocktail

WIS Signature Mocktail

4. Set a fancy table for yourself with good china and glassware. Don’t forget the flowers!

Florence Thwagi dancing with Henzo Kenya GISTers

Florence Thwagi dancing with Henzo Kenya GISTers

5. Send messages of congratulations to our awardees in the Zoom Chat feature. Let’s be sure to show them the love and support they deserve.

6. Dance with awardee Florence Thwagi and the Women in Sarcoma of Henzo Kenya. Dance like no one is watching! ;-)

7. Post on social media during the gala. Take a selfie. Don’t forget our hashtag: #WomenInSarcoma

And don’t forget to…

Dr. Moe Anderson

Dr. mOe Anderson

Encourage your family and friends to attend the gala to honor these amazing Women in Sarcoma.

Learn more about our emcee, Dr. mOe Anderson, GISTer, author, & public speaker.

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