Life Fest New Orleans

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Life Fest New Orleans

 July 29th-31st, 2022

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Life Fest is a unique event where hundreds of patients and caregivers come together for a weekend to interact with each other and the medical and scientific communities that serve them. Faced with a rare form of cancer, GIST patients have a great need for information about this disease, particularly as the science evolves and our understanding reveals a complex set of subtypes of GIST, each responding differently to available treatments. Each year brings a wealth of new information, and patients are eager to learn about the latest treatments.

Life Fest workshops provide patients with emerging medical information, and they come away with a deeper knowledge of the disease, treatments, and side-effect management. They find hope in knowing the scientific community is working toward a cure, and hope is such a vital asset as they struggle day by day for survival.

The Life Raft Group emerged in recognition of the tremendous need for support in the GIST community. Life Fest 2022 will provide patients and caregivers with that support. Coming together with fellow patients from all walks of life from around the world is a meaningful and powerful experience.

In addition to our traditional educational workshops, Life Fest 2022 will feature scientific presentations highlighting the newest research and the latest treatments. Additionally, other disease advocacy groups will be invited to present the work of their organizations, and share lessons learned.

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