Dr. Chacon

Dr. Matías Chacón

Alianza GIST thanks all those who participated in the online seminar in Spanish, “Comprendiendo Los Tumores Del Estroma Gastro Intestinal (GIST) Desde Lo Basico A La Clinica,” presented by Dr. Matías Chacón of the Instituto Alexander Fleming de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We especially want to thank Dr. Chacón for his interesting presentation and his collaboration in spreading the word about this rare form of cancer; likewise, we are grateful to all the representatives of Alianza GIST for their efforts in helping to make this happen in their respective countries.

For Alianza GIST, this has been a big step in meeting its goals:

  • Decreasing the gap between scientific knowledge and practices
  • Getting the most information about GIST out to doctors, patients and family members, and
  • Helping patients to not feel alone in their journeys with GIST.

We invite you to visit our webpage www.alianzagist.org/webinar where we have placed the seminar and anyone can access the information. At the same time, we would like to remind you that you can send your comments or questions to piga@ alianzagist.org.

Thank you again for participating in this seminar.