LRG volunteers are a tremendous resource for our organization. Our volunteers diversify and expand our skill sets and allow us the opportunity to better serve our GIST community. They help us reach more patients, caregivers, medical professionals and others. LRG volunteers not only expand our reach and services to patients and caregivers but also help us increase GIST awareness to the general public and funding towards GIST research.

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything that we do, and they serve as a strong representation of who we are in the GIST community. Whether they are State Leaders, GIST Mentors, Focus Group or Fundraising Committee Members, our LRG volunteers bring to our team a wealth of knowledge and skills plus an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. We currently have over 160 volunteers in our GIST community who help support thousands of GISTers and their caregivers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, the LRG is currently recruiting for the following positions: Science Writer, WordPress Web Expert, and State Leaders and more

Inforgraphic of LRG Volunteers