Rare Cancers: Great Unmet Medical Needs

Tuesday, April 26th, Executive Director Sara Rothschild and Executive Director Emeritus Norman Scherzer attended the “Rare Cancers: Great Unmet Medical Needs” CME Conference hosted by Columbia University Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center and co-sponsored by the Jed Ian Taxel Foundation for Rare Cancer Research.

One of the highlights of the program was a presentation by Dr. Gary K. Schwartz, Professor of Medicine at CUMC, Division Chief of Hematology/Oncology, and Deputy Director of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Schwartz is also a member of the LRG Medical Advisory Board.

The takeaways from Dr. Schwartz’s session on sarcomas were the following:

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Dr. Gary Schwartz

1. Advances in precision medicine have led to new advances in the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas
2. This has led to bench-top to bedside approaches in the treatment of these diseases
3. Similar approaches are being used to understand other cellular and immunological processes that could impact on these diseases
4. These approaches are made possible by utilizing the latest advances in technology
5. They provide new hope to patients with sarcomas and can be a paradigm for all rare tumors

Sarcoma Presentation Dr. Gary Schwartz