Fueling GIST Research final image of campaignWith your help Fueling GIST Research has soared to new heights! Here’s the ‘stellar’ recap & the results.

Over the past few months, we shared how The Life Raft Group is involved in many facets of furthering GIST research. Here are the highlights from this campaign:

We shared how patients & caregivers have created personal fundraising events to spread GIST awareness and raise funds for GIST research. Jason DeLorenzo, Chelsea Madia and Dave Perry shared their passion & creative ideas, which motivated six LRG members to hold Facebook fundraisers during this campaign. View recording

We showed how partnerships with other patient advocacy organizations advance GIST survival & empowers patients. Through advocacy, collaborations, patient support, international networking, and research initiatives, The Life Raft Group is a key player in actively addressing access challenges and making a positive impact on the lives of GIST patients. Read more about the 2023 New Horizons GIST conference.

Cultivating partnerships was highlighted in our feature on ASCO 2023, showing how relationships with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies advance research and drive clinical trials. Read more about ASCO23.

We visited with researcher Dr. César Serrano who shared about the importance of GIST research & collaboration among institutions to build a vision of new treatments & a cure. Read more.

The LRG’s Data Management & Research team shared on their curation and maintenance of the largest GIST Patient Registry in the world, emphasizing the power of your data to influence research. Read more about the LRG GIST Patient Registry.

On July 13th, we officially wrapped up our campaign on GIST Awareness Day with a webinar by Drs. Bulusu, Glod, and Sicklick who presented on GIST treatment updates and took questions from our community. Over 100 people attended this informative webinar. View webinar

Our goal for the campaign was $25K and we aimed to make this goal by July 13th. We extended the target to the end of the month and soared past that $25K!

Why does this article say “Soaring Toward our Goal” when we achieved our campaign goal?
Because our work is not yet done and won’t be until there is a cure for GIST. If you want to be a part of this work towards a cure, please donate today or consider having your own personal fundraiser to fuel GIST research.

There are many ways to donate: direct one-time donations, hosting a personal fundraiser, becoming a GEM (give every month donor), and Planned Giving. Please consider these options when evaluating how you will donate your time & funds.

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