With the start of a new year, there is an opportunity to make positive changes. Cancer patients face dramatic change in their lives, and chances are they have already experienced a time of reflection and self-evaluation.

What better time than the ending of the old year to move forward with positive changes that will impact both your health, and your state of mind? At a time when you may feel a loss of control, this is a way to feel empowered.

Top Ten Resolutions for GISTers

  1. Eat a healthy diet designed with you in mind. Eating more unprocessed food, bearing in mind the limitations your cancer imposes (medications, post-gastrectomy, etc.) will lead to an optimal state of health. Consult a nutritionist for a plan customized for your individual needs.
  1. Exercise more. Exercise not only leads to greater energy and strength, but also to better mental health. Find an exercise routine to which you can adhere and adapt it to your needs.
  1. Promise to practice radical self-care. If you are tired, rest. Allow others to help when you feel overwhelmed. Taking breaks and cat naps are loving ways to recharge your batteries.
  1. Don’t isolate. Reach out to others when you feel depressed. Spend more time with family and friends.
  1. Find time to help others. By sharing your strength, hope and experiences you will derive great benefit. Volunteering with the LRG provides a lifeline for new patients and can be rewarding for you.
  1. Maintain your GIST treatments. Keep your appointments with your medical team, schedule the appropriate tests and scans, and maintain adherence to your medication regimen.
  1. Spend time in nature. Being in touch with the elements relieves stress and anxiety and connects you to something larger.
  1. Try something new. Learn a new language. Try crocheting. Take a class. Keeping the brain active can help with brain fog triggered by medication.
  1. Count your blessings. Keeping a gratitude journal and writing what you are thankful for each night before bed can keep negativity away.
  1. Live for the day. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we are given the gift of today. Make each moment of the coming year count.

Happy New Year from The Life Raft Group!

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