Wendi Lax is our wonderful state leader for Maryland. She is currently residing in Maryland, where she is helping the Life Raft Group create unity among the local patients and caregivers. For many years, Wendi devoted her time to helping exceptional children as a Special Education Teacher. After she retired, she continued helping those in need the most by becoming a part-time Home Hospital Teacher. Now that she has more free time, Wendi wanted to find yet another way to continue helping others. One day as she was scrolling through the Life Raft Group website, she read that our organization was in need of state leaders, and that is when her interest in the position began.

Wendi has been a state leader for a several months and loves her role. She loves connecting with our members and realizing they have a lot in common, besides just GIST. She hosted her first meeting over Sunday football, which happened to be the Raven’s playoff game. The members connected so strongly that they were able to talk for hours.

Her goal as a leader is to increase the number of responses from the members she is reaching out to. She would also like to create events where not only the local members can assist, but everyone who has been touched by GIST. Wendi wants to reassure them so that they know they are not alone!

Wendi & husband Mitch on vacation this last year in Sedona, AZ.

Interested in becoming a State Leader? Contact Diana – DNieves@liferaftgroup.org