Academic Sessions
An academic session to train physicians was held at IMSS in Family Medicine Unit 31, located in Mexico City. Two more sessions were also held on July 24th in the General Hospital No. 13 of Matamoros, and July 31th at IMSS in the Family Medicine Unit 67 of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
GIST Day of Learning
A day of learning about GIST was held in Monterrey on July 12th, where there was the presence of a Surgical Oncologist, a Psychologist and a Social Worker to answer questions from 15 patients and caregivers. On July 16th, a meeting was held to commemorate GAD in Mexico City.
Incidence in Public Policy
Three Local Deputies of different parties that are in the Health Commission of the Local Congress sent videos which were shared on social networks with messages to our community of patients.
Fundación GIST México: