Colectivo GIST España, also a member of Alianza GIST, published on their social networks the history of how GIST Awareness Day was born and it’s purpose. In one post they say: “We want it to be like the annual summit of our educational efforts, awareness and defense efforts, and it gives those outside the GIST community the opportunity to learn and lend their support to this important cause.”


Hagamoslo Posible logoGIST DO IT is focused on equity in the treatment of all patients:
• Equity for quick and correct
• Equity to receive the necessary treatments
• Equity for access to reference centers
• Equity for access to the arsenal of all available drugs
• Equity for access to clinical trials
The work being carried out by the Spanish sarcoma research group, GEIS and the Spanish society of pathological anatomy, SEAP IAP, is leading the project that aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma and to improve the quality of life of the patients. The project presents the alert criteria in primary care, criteria to send the patient to a reference center and the impact of the network of pathologists as a solution to current problems.
Colectivo GIST: